16 Years to Life

Brenda Clubine  spent 26 years in a California prison for killing her abusive husband. But in prison she realized she had a higher calling to save the lives of hundreds of women. Sixteen-to-Life

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Six months in Liberia

For the last six months the Backpack Journalists have been in Liberia, training rural radio journalists in human rights reporting, so hopefully the backpackjournalist.org model can be replicated. Apologies for the lack reporting, too busy training!

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UN official looks at US housing crisis

The economic crisis has hit American homeowners and renters especially hard. You can read the impact on the faces of the homeless and in the yard signs that say foreclosed. Now a UN official is seeing it for herself on a tour of the United States. Reporter Anna Sussman went along for the ride in […]

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US Military Aid to Liberia Cause for Concern

The US has donated some $200 million in military aid to re-train and re-arm Liberia’s military. While some say the notoriously criminal army needed the professional training, others are worried given the violent consequences US military aid to the country in the past. Anna Sussman reports for PRI’s The World. Liberia’s Military.

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Conscripted by Poverty

Anna Sussman’s article on the economics of the child soldier epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo appears in the new text book by Dollars and Sense: Real World Labor. “Real World Labor provides up–to–date, accessible, and penetrating analysis of the most significant theoretical, historical, and practical issues confronting labor unions and workers on […]

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Women End Wars

Women may not start wars, but, participants said, they were often uniquely qualified to help end them.

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Anna Sussman reports on how Liberia’s civil war forced a teenage boy to choose between taking up arms, and leaving his country behind.

Listen to Sanctuary on NPR’s Snap Judgment.



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Child Soldiers–Not Just for Africa

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Why do armies recruit children? Shane O’Doherty looks back on his years as a child soldier for the IRA and explains.

Anna Sussman reports for NPR’s Snap Judgment

Babyface Bomber


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On the MEND

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When 68 year-old Texas oil worker Macon Hawkins was kidnapped by MEND rebels in Nigeria, he learned to see the oil business in a new light. Anna Sussman reports On the MEND

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Left for Dead

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What do you do when wake up in a shallow grave, alone, in the middle of the outback? Have a listen…. Buried Alive

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